Join Us for Two Educational Webinars

Avoid the Threat: Advanced Tactics of Cybercriminals | Thursday, November 14th, 12pm CST

CynergisTek teamed up with Wombat Security Technologies (Wombat) to address the evolving security threats associated with cybercriminals as they develop more sophisticated tactics. Social engineering has evolved to be a lot more difficult to identify. For example, phishing and spear-phishing emails is a popular tactic, with over 500 million phishing emails sent every day. Most people don’t recognize a well-crafted online phishing scam when they see them. Attendees will hear some examples of the most advanced tactics cybercriminals are employing today and learn how to recognize them. Click here to register before it is too late.

Ready or Not: HIPAA Just Got Tougher | Tuesday, November 19th 1pm CST

CynergisTek partnered with Iatric Systems to address attendees’ biggest patient privacy concerns based on the results of a poll conducted in advance. Some of the concerns to be addressed include insider snooping, correctly identifying and reporting a breach, and theft. Throughout this discussion attendees will learn how to detect and decrease medical identity theft, how to deter and detect insider snooping and how specific Omnibus Rule policies relate to patient privacy and monitoring. Click here to register before it is too late.