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The Assessment is Complete – Now What?

Performing a risk assessment is the first step in identifying gaps and deficiencies in your security program. The second step, remediation, is often a daunting task without a clear project plan on how to make the necessary changes. Leveraging our remediation team provides on-demand, seasoned security experts to prioritize, implement, and execute the remediation plan if your team lacks the resources or expertise.

Projects vary, and may involve the following:

  • Policy and Procedure Development or Improvement

  • Implementation of Technical Controls

  • Upgrade Patches to Existing Systems

  • Build Technical Procedures

  • Adjust and Update Plans (Contingency, Disaster Recovery and Incident Response)

  • New System Implementation

  • Build Security Baseline Standards

Benefits of On-Demand Remediation Staff

Take Action Immediately

After the completion of a risk assessment, easily deploy resources with the skills needed to perform remediation tasks either your team doesn’t have the experience or time to complete.

Critical Insight

Our team keeps your efforts focused on what you need to run your security program on a day-to-day basis by providing guidance and insight ensuring you have the information needed to make informed decisions.

Interim Resources Are Hard to Find

We handle the burden of sourcing, interviewing, hiring and managing professionals for you. Our strategy to recruit and retain staff of the highest caliber is our top priority and we have a team dedicated to finding and filling the roles you need today despite your geographical location.

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