Virtual Privacy Officer

Policies and Procedures

Healthcare entities are finding it increasingly difficult to attract, recruit and retain the highly skilled privacy and compliance resources that are needed in today’s complex, data-driven healthcare setting. With increased reliance on data and information systems, security and privacy are critical components in assuring the reliability, availability, and confidentiality of information. Because of this CynergisTek offers a Virtual Privacy Officer (vPO) service.

CynergisTek provides experienced privacy professionals to assist clients in establishing, improving or managing an appropriate and effective privacy program capable of not only meeting compliance standards but also managing the demands of the business, as directed by the client.

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The vPO program is intended to help address:

  • Short-or long-term privacy staffing needs
  • Spur-of-the-moment decision making
  • Mentoring and training of privacy staff
  • Complex decisions
  • Managing costs and business expectations

Through an interactive process, we work with clients to develop a plan of objectives and milestones for both on-site and remote activity to best support the privacy program and needs of the business. By conducting regular and periodic meetings, mentoring and training, and advisory support, CynergisTek’s privacy professionals can serve as a valuable resource for your internal privacy team.

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