Privacy Program Assessment

Designed to Help Achieve and Demonstrate Compliance

Protect your patients’ right to privacy by verifying and improving your privacy program’s compliance and conformity with the standards and implementation specifications of the HIPAA Privacy and Breach Notification Rules.

This service is a thorough, in-depth review of your privacy program’s current state; identification of any gaps in compliance or best practices; and recommendations for remediation and/or improvement. Upon completion of the assessment, we provide a comprehensive report of findings and present it to key stakeholders in an educational workshop. Ultimately, this will help prioritize privacy program efforts to effectively address both business and compliance needs.

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Privacy Program Assessment Components

Review and analysis of current policies, procedures, and documentation around your privacy program against your operating and regulatory requirements.

Includes key stakeholders and various workforce members that are involved in the lifecycle of protected health information (PHI) in order to identify the creation, maintenance, use and disclosure of PHI across the organization.

On-site analysis to determine the effectiveness of policies & procedures in real-world scenarios. A covered entity’s compliance is often only as strong as its ability for the workforce to understand and follow its preferred protocols. Facility walkthroughs often demonstrate very basic acts of non-compliance.

The report of findings includes an executive overview and summary, detailed findings and observations, and recommendations for meeting compliance and/or best practices. The report covers the following:

  • HIPAA Privacy Rule/HITECH Compliance
  • Use and Disclosure Practices
  • Rights of individuals related to PHI
  • Privacy & Security Compliance Management
  • Breach Evaluation & Response

What Our Clients Say

CynergisTek’s Privacy Program Assessment helped us address the complex mix of privacy requirements that includes policies, procedures and awareness, allowing us to improve the overall effectiveness of our privacy program.

Andrea TenBrink, Privacy Officer, Asante

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