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Make the Most of Your Privacy Monitoring Program

Having an effective privacy monitoring plan is necessary to demonstrate compliance and protect sensitive PHI. To help assist healthcare providers with executing an effective monitoring program, CynergisTek and Iatric Systems have developed an integrated deployment approach that incorporates the key tasks of evaluating, redefining and optimizing an organization’s privacy practices, focusing on processes necessary to effectively and efficiently conduct privacy monitoring using Iatric Systems Security Audit Manager (SAM) software.

The scope of activities performed and deliverables in the Privacy Optimization Module (POM) are based on one instance of a SAM implementation within one privacy environment in the organization. The assessments, analysis and recommendations are based on one set of policies and procedures relating to the privacy program at the organization. It also assumes one privacy optimization plan for the organization will be created/delivered with one set of SAM reporting configurations for the organization. If there are multiple instances of SAM, multiple reporting needs, multiple privacy organizations to be assessed and/or multiple optimization plans needed, a further understanding

Three-Tiered Service Approach

Privacy Optimization and Managed Services consist of a three tiered service level approach, that build on one another to create a holistic and thorough solution, designed with flexibility to meet the needs of healthcare organizations of all sizes. Discover which level of service best suits your organization:

  • Privacy Optimization Module (POM)

    The first tier incorporates the key tasks of evaluating, redefining, and optimizing an organization’s privacy practices. It focuses on establishing the necessary processes to effectively and efficiently monitor your systems using Iatric Systems Security Audit Manager™ (SAM) software.

  • Managed Privacy Monitoring Service (MPMS) Select

    The second tier is a cost effective service providing ongoing monitoring and reporting using SAM.

  • Managed Privacy Monitoring Service (MPMS) Elite

    The third tier is a dedicated partner relationship providing a robust and intense ongoing management and support of your privacy monitoring function.

POM & MPMS Elements

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