Patient Privacy Monitoring Services

Patient Privacy Monitoring Services

Make the Most of Your Patient Privacy
Monitoring Program

Having an effective patient privacy monitoring program is necessary to demonstrate compliance and to protect sensitive ePHI. Unfortunately, it is often difficult for organizations to execute a successful program due to critical constraints of time, resources, and budget.

To help alleviate both technical and administrative burdens that health care delivery systems face, as well as the challenge of limited resources, CynergisTek can help implement and optimize your patient privacy program with our Patient Privacy Monitoring Services. CynergisTek provides industry best practices and a dedicated team of professionals to further enhance your privacy team’s scope of services.

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Our service is a holistic and thorough approach designed to meet the needs of healthcare organizations of all sizes. The service includes an initial program assessment, a customized optimization plan designed to achieve a successful integration and adoption of the technology chosen by the organization, and a designated team of analysts to conduct scheduled proactive analysis.

Based on your service level, you can receive:

  • Document Review

  • Optimization Plan Report

  • Reactive Monitoring Analysis

  • Proactive Monitoring Analysis
  • Regular Programmatic Reports
  • Alerting and Reporting of Policy Violations

Optimize Your Patient Privacy Monitoring Program

CynergisTek’s Patient Privacy Managed Services provides the needed resources to:

Regularly review information system activity such as user activity within designated ePHI applications

Follow established policies, procedures, and processes to proactively detect suspicious electronic user activity

Utilize industry preferred analytics tools to routinely review and escalate findings directly to your team

Typical findings include suspicious user behavior such as snooping of:

What Our Clients Say

CynergisTek has had a significant impact on our overall sense of security and well-being. Before we engaged with them, we were not doing a lot of proactive HIPAA auditing. Most of our privacy auditing was complaint based and retrospective. Now we are actively going out and looking for potential HIPAA issues, and we educate people on the things we find.

KLAS CIO, KLAS Security Advisory Report, Oct. 2016

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