The Omnibus Rule Arrives

by Mac McMillan, January 25, 2013

Mac McMillan provided his thoughts to on the recently released Omnibus Rule. In the article, Mac explains that the revised guidelines will bring huge changes for covered entities and business associates. He points out that now business associates can be investigated by the OCR and that business associates will probably be added into the Random Audit Program that should pick up again later this year.

Mac also proceeds to break down some of the other revised regulations, such as now the “harm” standard has more defined guidelines, fines can be increased up to $1.5 million and there are tighter restrictions on PHI that will it more difficult for marketing and selling it and easier for patients to obtain their records.

The article concludes with a few simple steps that organizations can be doing right now to prepare for the changes that must be made by September 23, 2013.

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