Medical Device Security

Secure and Protect Your Medical Devices

CynergisTek’s medical device security services help multiple stakeholders including, IT, Security, and Clinical Engineering understand the number and type of medical devices connected to the network, those that contain ePHI and the security vulnerabilities of these devices. Medical devices do not follow the same rules as other networked devices; therefore, we help:

  • Develop a security strategy around medical devices
  • Manage the many devices connected to the network
  • Remediate identified risks on these devices

An effective medical device security program will not only protect patient health information and sensitive data, it will help your organization assure uninterrupted quality care while reducing risk to clinical operations in a managed and secured digital health environment.

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Medical Device Security Services

Through CynergisTek’s medical device security services, your organization will have visibility into medical devices that once were hard to identify, manage, secure, and remediate.

The State of Medical Device Security

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