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As hospitals and health systems move to value-based care models, they continue to evaluate areas to remove waste and cut costs. The heavily fragmented document and print environment is a typical operational discipline to examine.

Workflow Assessments Offered

Our Assessment Methodology

  • Current Use Analysis

    Our assessment team evaluates the current print management policies and procedures by conducting interviews with key stakeholders and caregivers, and to some degree by reviewing and analyzing key indicators against our propriety benchmark data specific to hospitals and the health care industry.

  • Financial Analysis

    Our financial analysis is comprehensive and performed in full confidentiality by our professional team of print strategy financial experts. This process entails an analysis that starts with commodity pricing, a thorough review of third party contract structures and financing methods; all with a clear focus on global visibility, accountability, total cost of ownership and utilization.

  • Operational Analysis

    Improving processes in print management will enable caregivers to concentrate more time and energy on delivering quality patient care; and in the end, save precious resources. The operational component of our assessment targets in on the physical infrastructure of the current print environments and the associated technology and tactical processes. These elements are evaluated for adequacy and efficiency. Our experts will conduct a comparative study that provides you with a precise overview of our findings and the impact of these current processes on the operations of the hospital.

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