Fax to Digital

Electronic and Fax Order Management

Every day, large volumes of information are sent to and from hospitals and medical centers via fax technology. The secure, timely and reliable sending and receiving of this information is vital to how many departments operate in healthcare today.

With iEXCHANGE, any department within a hospital or medical center is able to quickly, reliably and securely send and receive fax information. Further, this information must be vigilantly organized so the healthcare provider is able to find what information has been sent or received so as not to compromise patient care or incur additional expenses due to inefficiencies or missing information.

What is iEXCHANGE?

Many Departments Benefit from iEXCHANGE

Labor and Delivery

Use iEXCHANGE to electronically store pre-natal orders and additional documentation for expected deliveries. Information is immediately accessible whenever the expectant mother presents. Misplacement of faxed-in documentation is eliminated as is the need for physician offices to send documentation multiple times.


iEXCHANGE supports release and import engines capable of sending and receiving images from other 3rd party applications or system processes. Staff members complete their orders, affix a patient label, and scan the order at the nearest multi-function device. Our scan/capture engine receives the item(s), identifies the patient information, and routes them directly to a dedicated Pharmacy queue in iEXCHANGE. The pharmacist then processes the order, prioritizes their inbox for “stat” orders, and flags each order as it is fulfilled.

Occupational Health and Physical Rehab

Use iEXCHANGE to electronically receive all physician orders and create work-lists for pre-registration in advance of the patient’s arrival. In addition, iEXCHANGE acts as a communication tool to receive correspondence regarding patient care including medical records from other facilities, physician plan of care, physician protocols, and insurance requests. Staff members are no longer required to make multiple copies, track down missing documents, and aggregate documentation from multiple sources. They can now electronically retrieve and review this information from anywhere in the facility.

Pain Clinic and Pharmacy

Use iEXCHANGE to accept and manage physician drug requests. Historically, orders were faxed to the pain clinic which then had to re-fax them to the pharmacy to ensure that non-stocked, expensive and exotic formulations were available to the physician when the patient presented. With iEXCHANGE, all orders now go to a single location and both the pain clinic and pharmacy are able to see the order, schedule the patient, and ensure that the required drugs are available when the patient presents. In addition, billing and coding benefit since both areas can now find the order and there is no chance that a specific drug therapy goes unbilled.

Integration with E-Order Systems

iEXCHANGE supports the ability to receive orders directly from electronic ordering systems. We integrate with existing systems to receive external objects, index them to the corresponding patient, and present them in the same interface used by patient intake for ALL incoming orders … regardless of source.

How Does iEXCHANGE Help Hospitals?