Patient Privacy Monitoring

Protect your most sensitive information – ePHI – with a proactive and reactive user access monitoring program.


Having an effective user activity monitoring program is necessary to demonstrate compliance and to protect ePHI. Unfortunately, it is often difficult for organizations to execute a successful program due to critical constraints of time, resources, and budget. 

Our Patient Privacy Monitoring Services is a user activity monitoring program that alleviates both technical and administrative burdens that health care delivery systems face including the challenge of limited resources. CynergisTek provides industry best practices and a dedicated team of professionals to further enhance your privacy team’s scope of services. 

Key Benefits

Proactive and Reactive Monitoring

Proactive and Reactive Monitoring 

Combine user activity monitoring software with expert data analysts to prevent and detect inappropriate user activity in. your organization’s electronic medical records.

Policy Violations Alerts

Policy Violations Alerts 

Receive notification when user activity violates your organization’s policies on accessing electronic medical records.  



Receive an assessment of your organization’s current user activity monitoring program and periodic program trend reports and optimization plans to elevate your privacy monitoring program.  

Resource Support

Resource Support 

CynergisTek data analysts are industry veterans that are dedicated to providing the necessary resources and experience to your organization.


Our service is a holistic and thorough approach designed to meet the needs of healthcare organizations of all sizes. The service includes an initial program assessment, periodic trend reports, and a dedicated team of data analysts. 

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