Patient Wait Times

Reduce Patient Wait Times with Patient Tracking

Reduce patient wait times with iTRACK, a patient tracking solution that integrates with your existing patient information system to provide real-time patient status that enables management to monitor multiple areas across a single or multi-facility campus from a central location.

Our patient tracking software notifies clinical staff of patient arrivals, registration status, and can be used as a communication tool between registration and clinical departments. Notification methods can vary between paging, email, and smart phones.

In addition to patient tracking, iTRACK also measures patient registration and clinical wait times, registration times, and clinical throughput times. These statistics can then be extracted from the library of reports available to give management the information they need to improve efficiency, reduce patient wait times, and improve patient satisfaction.

What is iTRACK?

iTRACK Features

iTRACK Graphic
  • Check-In/Registration Completion

    A patient may check-in at a kiosk or greeter station, and a way-finding map can be produced to direct them to their ultimate destination. For pre-registered patients, any documents that must be signed can be produced for immediate review and completion, and items can be scanned like photo id’s and insurance cards or other documentation.

  • Patient Waiting List

    Advanced patient wait list management strategies can be employed to support immediate processing (i.e. surgery patient arrives within ½ hour of their surgery) or deferred processing (i.e. waiting for physician order). The specialties and expertise of each registrar can be specified to route patients to the registrar with the appropriate skills to handle their registration (i.e. patient preferences such as language or prior balances for collection). In addition, special purpose queues can be established to handle patients with specific needs (i.e. financial counseling).

  • Registration Tracking

    iTRACK captures real-time registration metrics during the patient tracking process, such as when the patient is called, when they arrive at the registration booth, and the time it takes the registrar to complete the registration. Any paperwork or scanning that must be completed can be added to this time frame or tracked separately. Once the registration is complete, the patient can be transferred to a specific wait list for clinical departments.

  • Predictive Staff Models

    By measuring the historical benchmarks and comparing expected patient volumes (based on scheduled accounts) with iTRACK, it is possible to do some basic projections of the facility’s staffing levels needed.

  • Expediting Specific Registrations

    Through the use of iTRACK, ancillary departments can see what patients are ready for clinical or checked in and waiting to be registered. Any patients that are waiting to be registered can be moved up by authorized users so clinical areas can get those patients as soon as possible.