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CynergisTek’s Incident Response Recovery Service will provide the resources you need to help return to full operations from an incident. Our cybersecurity consultants will assist with identifying the root cause and/or entry point of the attack. If deemed necessary, the consultants will assist with network shutdown to protect other assets within your organization. From there we assist with mitigation and recovery, as well as provide lessons learned and advise on any remediation efforts that should be implemented.

Benefits of Incident Response Recovery Service:

  • Expert Cybersecurity Consultants that Assist with Identifying the Cause of the Incident and Assistance on Securing Other Assets on the Network.

  • Isolation and Mitigation of Infected Devices and Assistant in the Restoration of Affected Assets.

  • Thorough Analysis During and After Recovery.

  • Analysis of Lessons Learned and Future Remediation Efforts to Help Reduce Future Attacks.

  • Building the Lessons Learned into Your Updated Incident Response Plan and Procedures.

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