Incident Response Readiness Exercise

How an organization responds to a potential event, incident or breach is crucial to overall prevention and reducing recovery time. Knowledgeable experts will challenge your team with tailored, healthcare-specific real-world scenarios based on your organization’s environment.

As part of CynergisTek’s comprehensive suite of Incident Response services, our on-site cyber incident response readiness exercise identifies gaps and inefficiencies in current processes referencing the NIST SP 800-84, “Guide to Test, Training, and Exercise Programs for IT Plans and Capabilities”. Our customized scenario-based tabletop exercise approach can be performed in a classroom or breakout group format to help determine how participants respond based on the processes currently in place. At the conclusion, a workshop is held to review the performance and discuss with management where improvements could be made.

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Benefits of a Proactive Incident Response Readiness Exercise

Assess Your Organization’s Response Based on Your Business Practices, Systems, and Operations

Hands-on Practice with Actionable Results

Address Any Identified Gaps or Issues

Improve the Effectiveness and Responsiveness of the Team

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