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Based on best practice and real-world experience with healthcare operations, our experts understand how to measure the maturity of your incident response program. The incident response program assessment includes review against industry standards such as NIST SP 800-61 Revision 2, Computer Security Incident Handling Guide, NIST SP 800-184, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, Guide for Cybersecurity Event Recovery, COBIT, and others.

Our team of experts work with your team to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities that exist in your current IR program. Once the assessment is concluded, we will define and advise where you should focus your efforts and provide guidance on how to advance the overall effectiveness of your incident response program.

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Benefits of a Proactive Incident Response Program Assessment:

Measure Your Program against Best Practices and Industry Standards

Track Your Own Progress in Maturing Your Response Program

Provides an Incident Playbook

Determine How to Prioritize Next Steps of Any Possible Gaps, Including:

  • Policy and Procedure Documentation
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Incident Detection Tools
  • Roles and Responsibility of Team
  • Team Training

What Our Clients Say

Having a partner that is actively monitoring our systems, trends, local and global threats not only saves the Virtua IT Security team time, but provides us with the ability to proactively look at potential threats to plan accordingly. The partnership with CynergisTek has allowed us to focus on compliance, developing risk programs, policy and procedures leading to a culture focused on making us more secure.

Tom Gordon, CIO, Virtua

CynergisTek’s impact on our overall sense of security is significant because we can always get answers very quickly. Their resources work directly with our information security operations staff while the executive team meets with our senior leadership to talk about strategy. We love how CynergisTek’s leadership always seems to know exactly what we need.

CIO, KLAS Security Advisory Report, Oct. 2016

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