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Plan for, Recognize and Respond to Cyber Incidents

Are you confident that your organization is prepared to respond to a cyber incident? A cyberattack or any loss of access to systems or data can stop an entire organization’s ability to function, causing chaos and disruption to clinical and business operations. As a healthcare organization, its paramount to maintain uptime and system operations to enable excellent patient care and services and taking a proactive approach to incident response will help you when (not if) systems fail, ransomware halts operations or an attack results in a data breach.

At CynergisTek, our incident response experts have worked with many healthcare organizations and have developed a proactive approach to assess, define, and prepare for a variety of incidents. A solid incident response program ensures your organization has the right technologies, people and processes in place to respond to an incident in an efficient and effective manner.

Learn more about how our incident response (IR) services will help improve your organization’s ability to respond and recover from a cyber incident ranging from an attack or breach, to an EMR outage. Discover what services best fit your organization’s needs. We offer them as one-time engagements or as a part of a bundled, ongoing Incident Response Managed Service.

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