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Continuous Pentesting provides a 365-day view into exploitable risks

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CynergisTek’s Continuous Pentesting service combines automated security validation technology and Red Team expertise to provide validated, true remediation roadmap that every organization needs to confidently reduce cybersecurity exposure

With Continuous Pentesting you will get a dynamic year-round view into exploitable risks giving you the insight to adjust strategical and tactical priorities based on verifiable risk or gaps and immediately pivot your risk based tolerance.

For a small financial commitment of $20,000 (60% off) for annual continuous pentesting your organization will benefit from:

  • Stopping attacks early-on
  • Prioritizing vulnerabilities
  • Reducing costs
  • Being Cyber Resilient
  • Access to expert Red Team oversight and support

Validate and make a difference for your organization today!

*offer expires October 31, 2021

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