HIMSS has launched a knowledge repository of all things Healthcare IT. They are calling it their “Health IT Body of Knowledge.” It is comprised of previously published articles, tools, guides, and other material, nicely pulled together and categorized for easy reference.

Here is the announcement from the HIMSS Insider newsletter – Nov 16, 2011:

HIMSS Launches ‘Health IT Body of Knowledge’

The HIMSS Health IT Body of Knowledge provides a rich and well organized compilation of content that introduces readers to essential definitions, descriptions and discussions of key topic areas related to health information systems and management. Content is comprised of articles, tools and guidelines from HIMSS and other authoritative sources. Each document has been reviewed by content experts to ensure credibility, accuracy and completeness. More than two dozen topic areas are covered in the Health IT Body of Knowledge, including patient — and business — centered systems, strategy and planning, project management, privacy & security and workforce development.

You can find the some informative Privacy and Security information here.