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Protect Your Patients’ Privacy & Rights

CynergisTek understands that health information privacy means more than just meeting your organization’s HIPAA compliance requirements – it is a business imperative. CynergisTek’s team of consultants is comprised of experienced professionals who have learned their craft both in the classroom and through years of experience as policymakers and in the health care industry. This allows us to provide you with expert HIPAA privacy consulting services that evaluate the rigor and effectiveness of your privacy program to ensure the confidentiality of your patients’ health information. 

CynergisTek offers a menu of services to measure and strengthen your organization’s compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule, HITECH Breach Notification Rule, Federal Trade Commission consumer protection guidelines and state privacy standards. Using state of the art assessment tools and applying industry best practices, our team will identify areas to strengthen your privacy program, recommend solutions, and provide tools and training materials to enhance the culture of privacy and compliance within your organization.

A variety of consulting advisory services are also offered, ranging from using cutting-edge technologies to monitor user access to patient health information to producing exercises replicating the HIPAA/HITECH audit experience that help guide your organization on how to respond to state or federal regulatory enforcement investigations. We can also customize any assessment to address specific organizational requirements. Working with us will enable you to have resources and expertise that you need to accelerate the effectiveness of your privacy program.

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Privacy Services Offered

Protect your patients’ right to privacy. Verify and improve your privacy program with an assessment that measures your program against the policies and procedures necessary under the HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules.

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In-depth review and analysis of processes and procedures to ensure HIPAA compliance and mitigate risk of non-compliance actions related to the organization’s research enterprise

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An integrated implementation process and a complete robust privacy monitoring program with dedicated support and ongoing management

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Privacy policies and procedures should be reviewed and updated as needed to comply with the increasing federal and state privacy regulations. CynergisTek’s privacy experts can help develop, refine and ensure your policies and procedures address all requirements under HIPAA Privacy Rule, HITECH Breach Notification Rule, Federal Trade Commission consumer protection guidelines, and state privacy standards.

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What Our Clients Say

CynergisTek’s Privacy Program Assessment helped us address the complex mix of privacy requirements that includes policies, procedures and awareness, allowing us to improve the overall effectiveness of our privacy program.

Andrea TenBrink, Privacy Officer, Asante

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