Do You Know Your Requirements?

OCR has made it clear that they will enforce the HIPAA Omnibus Rule changes to business associates (BAs) and their subcontractors that receive, create, transmit or maintain protected health information. They also announced they will include BAs in the next round of random compliance audits that will start in FY 2015. Are you in compliance? Are you ready for a random audit?

CynergisTek invites you to attend our free webinar, “Business Associates’ Requirements & How to Achieve HIPAA Compliance” on December 17th at 12 pm CST. This webinar will be presented by former OCR senior advisor David Holtzman and is tailor made for business associates. In this presentation, David will explain what the HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules mean for business associates. He’ll also outline why it’s essential to conduct a risk analysis as soon as possible, offer helpful tips and discuss why understudying and implementing a compliance program is of utmost importance for business associates.

Attendees will learn how to comply with the HIPAA rules applicable for BAs, understand the notification requirements to covered entities in case of a breach and learn how to comply with new guidance by building a proactive program.

Session Objectives:

Seats are limited to only 25 people so sign up today.