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Thursday Dec. 9th 11:00-1:30 CDT

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Cyber Resilience is like muscle – training helps you achieve more. In this Ransomware Bootcamp seminar, you will learn about the changes to cyber insurance and how to prepare for them, an inside perspective from a ransomware negotiator, and steps on how to train your resilience muscle to strengthen your defensive and offensive strategies. 


Join CynergisTek on December 9th at our free, virtual Ransomware Bootcamp providing insider insights and unique value to help you stay ahead of the curve and protect yourself from being the next target.

Featured Speakers

Elissa doroff

Elissa Doroff

Managing Director & Cyber Product Leader

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Kurtis minder

Kurtis Minder

CEO & Ransomware Strategist/Negotiator

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Mac mcmillan ceo of cynergistek

Mac McMillan

CEO & President

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Event Schedule

How Ransomware is Influencing Cyber Insurance 11:00 – 11:55 PM CDT

Presented by Elissa Doroff, Managing Director & Cyber Technical Leader at Lockton Companies

Ransomware attacks accounted for 41% of all filed cyber insurance claims in the first half of 2020, according to a report by Coalition. To keep up with the cost, and rise in claim occurrence, cyber insurance providers are implementing compliance requirements that, depending on compliance capability, might increase your coverage cost or deem you ineligible to be insured at all. In this session, we hear from one of 2021’s Top Cyber Insurance Specialist Broker, Elissa Doroff who will cover:

+ Background of the always-evolving cyber insurance industry. Once deemed an organizational “nice to have”, finds itself in a pivotal point that may change the insured’s coverage decision forever.

+ A walkthrough of the top 10 cybersecurity compliance standards, and a dive into why they are important, and what they mean

+ What happens once you become insured. Including best practices to work with your insurance company, how cyber insurance works, a look into filing a claim, and a broker’s perspective on breach response.

Real Life Perspectives from a Ransomware Negotiator & Closing Thoughts 11:55 – 1:30 PM CDT

Part 1: Presented by Kurtis Minder, CEO & Ransomware Strategist/Negotiator at GroupSense

No one ever expects it to happen to them, but with ransomware and cybercrime on the rise, it’s more likely than ever to discover that ransomware has locked down your system and cybercriminals are holding your data hostage. Kurtis Minder, an expert ransomware negotiator, advises executive teams when their worst cybersecurity nightmares come to life. Join us for this session with Kurtis as he covers:

+ What most people don’t realize about ransomware and the cybercriminals that run these exploits

+ Immediate do’s and don’ts if your systems are being held captive

+ How to limit potential damage like data loss, overpaying threat actors, tarnished brand reputation, and compliance violations

+ Notable stories from the field

Part 2: Presented by Mac McMillan, President & CEO at CynergisTek

Closing out the Bootcamp, Mac McMillan will highlight the crucial need for organizations to shift towards cybersecurity resilience, and away from a compliance/preparation-only mindset. Mac will discuss key findings from Elissa and Kurtis’s sessions and tie it all together with a “what does it actually mean for you” (our audience) perspective. Mac will also be hosting a live Q&A segment, so if you have any burning questions about cybersecurity, this is your opportunity to ask!

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