CynergisTek’s Monthly Cyber Briefing

Every First Thursday of the Month
12:00 – 1:00 PM CDT

Engage. Educate. Prepare

We invite you to attend our free, virtual CynergisTek monthly Cyber Briefing! During each educational session, a CynergisTek industry expert will draw on their previous experience to cover several key topics & trending news related to healthcare privacy, cybersecurity, IT audit, & compliance. 


Topics covered during the briefing include: 

  1. Key Privacy, Cybersecurity, IT Audit, and Compliance Challenges for Healthcare 
  2. Updates on New Privacy and Compliance Laws and What They Change/Impact 
  3. Trending Cybersecurity Threats in the Healthcare Industry Trending Best Practices 
  4. Real-World Examples of Recent Incidents and Key Takeaways from Each 
  5. Outlook to the Top Issues for 2022 


Our virtual Cyber Briefings provide insight to help you build resilience & strengthen your strategies.

Jon headshot

Jon Benedict

Medical Device Security Principal

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Andrew mahler headshot

Andrew Mahler

Vice President, Privacy & Compliance

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Mac mcmillan ceo of cynergistek

Mac McMillan

CEO & President

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Session Schedule

March Cyber Briefing: VIEW ON-DEMAND

Mac McMillan takes a dive into the current state of Healthcare Cybersecurity, Privacy, Compliance, and IT Audit in this special 2-hour Cyber Briefing kick-off!

April Cyber Briefing: VIEW ON-DEMAND

Dave Bailey and Andrew Mahler are here to discuss encryption times (when is it too late?) and emerging trends in Right of Access Enforcement

May Cyber Briefing: VIEW ON-DEMAND

Dave Bailey and Andrew Mahler are back this month and cover what it really takes to implement technology solutions successfully, and updates on the Cures Act.

06/02/22 – June Cyber Briefing: 12:00 – 1:00 PM CDT

This month, we will hear threat updates from Mac Mcmillan. Then our Medical Device Security expert Jon Benedict will discuss IoMT, its current challenges, and approaches to better protect network-connected Devices. Last, (and back by popular demand) Andrew Mahler will deep dive into the 8 exceptions of the Information Blocking rule.

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