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 CynergisTek to Provide Expert Consulting Support for Healthcare Organizations Implementing Iatric Systems Security Audit Manager Privacy Monitoring Solution

Austin, Texas, February 19, 2014 — CynergisTek™, a leading provider of IT security solutions for healthcare organizations, today announced that it has expanded its collaboration with Iatric Systems, Inc., a comprehensive healthcare IT integration company, to offer healthcare organizations a unified approach to auditing and monitoring that builds upon the implementation of Iatric Systems automated patient privacy monitoring solution, Security Audit Manager. CynergisTek will now offer both support and management for the privacy monitoring function. This new approach is designed to provide additional expertise, alleviate healthcare organizations internal resource challenges, and provide a highly effective privacy monitoring program that is aligned with the expressed expectations of the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) to ensure HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

One of the findings of OCR’s 2012 HIPAA pilot audit program was a lack of competent auditing and monitoring processes, with many organizations still utilizing a manual process or inefficiently using technology. The collaboration between CynergisTek and Iatric Systems aims to address this issue, providing organizations with a powerful combination of industry expertise and automated solutions to ensure compliance and mitigate risk. This joint effort enables healthcare organizations to use Iatric Systems Security Audit Manager to its fullest capability, meet the latest privacy regulatory requirements, and obtain the most value.

“Since 2003, Iatric Systems Security Audit Manager has distinguished itself in the industry as an innovative leader in helping healthcare organizations to protect patient privacy and keep pace with regulatory demands,” said David Holtzman, vice president of privacy and security compliance services at CynergisTek. “Our partnership and new approach with Iatric Systems enables CynergisTek to compliment our healthcare consultants’ knowledge with technical solutions and provide our customers with ongoing support in building, maintaining, and managing an effective internal auditing process, ultimately improving their privacy program.”

Iatric Systems Security Audit Manager is a comprehensive patient privacy monitoring and incident risk management solution that helps healthcare organizations meet a variety of regulatory requirements by proactively monitoring, identifying, alerting, and documenting single and recurring breaches in near real-time. The solution eliminates the need for extensive manual audits as it documents every patient data access point across the enterprise and identifies security incidents that could be breaches of protected health information within diverse software applications. With the new approach, CynergisTek can be responsible for managing the reporting and alert features of Security Audit Manager, and can evaluate, redesign and train staff for the policies, procedures, and practices associated with the organization’s privacy program.

“The regulatory landscape in healthcare has become increasingly complex, and the culture has shifted from one of compliance to one of enforcement, so it is essential that organizations have the proper technology and processes in place to ensure ongoing diligence,” said Rob Rhodes, senior director of patient privacy solutions at Iatric Systems. “This new, thoughtfully architected approach to privacy monitoring exemplifies both Iatric Systems and CynergisTek’s commitment to ensuring our customers have the functionality and support they need to continuously address mounting insider security threats.”

Representatives from both CynergisTek (booth #1277) and Iatric Systems (booth #3217) will be available to provide a more detailed overview of the new approach at the HIMSS Annual Conference and Exhibition in Orlando from February 24th through February 27th. To schedule a meeting, contact CynergisTek’s jana.langhorne@cynergistek.com.

About Iatric Systems

Iatric Systems helps healthcare providers achieve success by delivering the most comprehensive healthcare IT integration. Our products and services focus on data integration, systems integration, and process integration. This allows providers to leverage existing IT investments to meet the growing demands of Meaningful Use, Health Information Exchange, HIPAA, and other industry requirements. During the past 23 years, Iatric Systems has delivered solutions to more than 1,000 healthcare organizations.

About CynergisTek

CynergisTek is an authority in healthcare information security management, regulatory compliance, IT audit and advisory services, business continuity management, security technology selection and implementation, and secure IT infrastructure architecture and design solutions. The firm offers practical, manageable and affordable consulting services for organizations of all sizes and complexity. Using an organized, planned and collaborative approach, CynergisTek applies multidisciplinary expertise to serve as partner and mentor, to enhance the consulting experience and, ultimately, clients’ compliance and business performance. CynergisTek participates in and contributes to HIMSS, AHIMA, HFMA, HCCA, AHIA and other industry bellwether organizations. For more information visit www.cynergistek.com, call 512.402.8550 or email info@cynergistek.com.