CynergisTek Continues to Offer Training at Educational HIPAA Compliance Workshops

CynergisTek furthered its commitment to educate and share our firsthand experience with the industry throughout 2014 by hosting 20 HIPAA Compliance Workshops across the country in addition to participating and presenting at national conferences such as HIMSS, HCCA and CHIME’s LEAD Forum. The series of HIPAA workshops was designed to help healthcare providers and vendors prepare in the new era of complex regulations, increased security challenges, and enforcement for failure to protect sensitive patient data. It also covered updates and guidance to prepare for the OCR random audits that were announced in Spring of 2014, as well as updates on the active CMS and OIG compliance audits.Regionals chart 2014

All of the HIPAA Compliance Workshops were received very well by attendees and provided an educational experience. In fact, nearly 80% of attendees said that it was extremely or very educational. They found that the open forum format allowing for discussion and questions was very beneficial, and they walked away with knowledge they could apply to their own organization. “At the session I attended, Mr. McMillan offered practical strategies and best practices that my organization could put into place immediately, making us feel a lot more confident in our compliance efforts,” said Barry Mangels, Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Regionals rating chart 2014

All of the events were led by CynergisTek’s CEO Mac McMillan, or VP of Compliance, David Holtzman. Attendees found that the presenters were excellent because of the knowledge, background and expertise they have. “I attended your workshop and thought it was great,” said Michelle, University of California San Francisco Privacy. “David’s OCR experiences and insight were tremendously valuable, and it was helpful hearing about your clients’ experiences.”

CynergisTek will continue to live up to its commitment to educate the industry in 2015. In the New Year we look to expand our workshops to business associates. We have found that they are still struggling to comply with HIPAA after the Omnibus Rule changes and need the support.

Did you attend one of our events this year? Thank you for participating and please share your feedback by taking a short survey. Did we not come to your city last year? Email us and we will try to schedule one in your area.