CynergisTek Partners with ComplyAssistant/Comply Consult to Deliver IT Security Software and Services to Adventist HealthCare

CynergisTek™, an authority in enterprise security solutions and services for healthcare organizations, announced today that it has teamed up with ComplyAssistant/ComplyConsult, a privately-held consulting and software company that focuses on compliance management and information technology, to provide Adventist HealthCare (AHC) with IT security services and solutions to ensure compliance and prepare for Meaningful Use (MU) attestation. ComplyAssistant and its service affiliate ComplyConsult, were selected by AHC for an IT security riskassessment, in order to meet the requirements of MU core measure 14. ComplyAssistant/ComplyConsult engaged CynergisTek’s services to assist with a tight deadline, and expedite completion of the assessment in time for MU attestation.

With the advent of MU audits, having impeccable security compliance has become a must, especially with millions of incentive dollars at stake. The powerful combination of CynergisTek’s expert consulting services and ComplyAssistant’s SaaS-based compliance management tool and services, enabled AHC to properly assess vulnerabilities in its security program to quickly and confidently attest to MU.

“The ComplyAssistant tool provided a user-friendly collaborative environment for our tactical team of system analysts. CynergisTek and ComplyAssistant/ComplyConsult’s team of professional consultants were with us every step of the way, empowering the team to perform a detailed audit of our EHR and contributing systems under significant pressure and on an unforgiving schedule,” said Sean Parkinson, Office of the CIO – Infrastructure and Security Manager, Adventist HealthCare. “We simply could not have succeeded without the tool and services that were provided.”

“CynergisTek was happy to jump in to assist with the audit when AHC found themselves against the wall to meet MU attestation dates,” said Dr. Michael G. Mathews, COO of CynergisTek Inc. “ComplyAssistant was a great way to facilitate a compliance collaboration with the internal team, and we found the coupling of CynergisTek’s services and the ComplyAssistant software tool to be an ideal solution for any organization seeking assistance with compliance or risk management.”

“We are pleased to add AHC to our expanding list of clients,” said Gerry Blass, President and CEO, ComplyAssistant/ComplyConsult. “This engagement is a perfect example of how the combination of ComplyAssistant software and expert guidance and services from both CynergisTek and ComplyConsult provide strong information security due diligence, while also enabling effortless, ongoing mitigation management.”