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CynergisTek provides a large selection of technical testing, assessment, security program development and endpoint security services. Our knowledgeable consultants are primarily focused on the healthcare industry and well-versed in its specific nuances. All of our security services are offered as standalone or customized packages to fit your organization’s needs.

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Security Assessments & Testing

Our Cybersecurity Program Assessment evaluates your security program and includes a review of information security policies and procedures, key stakeholders interviews, physical walk-throughs, and a comprehensive report of findings.

The Risk Assessment is our flagship stand-alone service and combines several of our individual technical and physical assessment components into a single engagement based on the NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF). We also offer an annual Risk Assessment as the base component of an ongoing holistic compliance management program, Compliance Assist Partner Program (CAPP).

Penetration testing is the next logical extension after vulnerability testing. We can perform crystal box, gray box and/or black box testing, which means that we collect limited data upfront for efficiency and cost control to simulate the anonymous nature of an internet threat vector.

Our Adversary Validation Services discover vulnerabilities that allow your organization to remediate before the malicious hacker can exploit your environment and can solve the challenge many healthcare organizations are facing today by identifying vulnerabilities in a constantly changing environment.

Our Security Control Validation Assessment will help test the effectiveness of various security controls in relation to their expected functionality, providing actionable next steps to fix what’s not working and show ROI on what is working.

CynergisTek can perform constructed social engineering and phishing attempts to test the effectiveness of security training and help you create an enterprise-wide awareness program to decrease insider threats.

Utilizing assessment methodology from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cyber Security Framework (CSF), our Cyber Resilience Review will evaluate your organization’s cyber resilience strategy.

A vulnerability assessment is intended to evaluate the overall security posture of the enterprise from the perspective of an anonymous source on the Internet as it relates to services the enterprise makes available through its perimeter across the Internet. It will help you identify security gaps and provide remediation guidance.

Professional Security Services

Let us become your trusted partner and assist you in maintaining an active risk management program. The CAPP builds on an annual risk assessment and includes regular vulnerability scanning, setting and achieving compliance goals, conducting periodic audits of key controls, provides ongoing privacy and security advisory support, and access to the CynergisTek community of clients for referrals and knowledge sharing.

With our Cybersecurity Remediation Services, an on-demand team of expert consultants can help you prioritize, implement, and execute a remediation plan for your organization.

Our Vendor Security Management team will evaluate your vendor’s risk level and actively monitor their security and compliance program status.

Our Virtual CISO service provides experienced, certified security practitioners to fill gaps in support or resources on an advisory level or as an interim, part-time, or full-time staffing engagement.

Finding and hiring experienced resources can be difficult, but with our proven recruiting model we are able to recruit and source a variety of privacy and security consultants to help fill internal resource gaps.

Managed Security Services

CynergisTek’s Managed Security Services provide the flexibility for healthcare organizations to choose between a co-managed or managed approach to reduce the impact of a cyberattack with 24×7 security event monitoring and response services.

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Other Services

Our variety of medical device security services will enable your teams to understand how many devices are connected to your network, the vulnerabilities they represent and the steps needed to remediate these risks.

We offer a variety of incident response services as either one-time engagements or as part of a bundled ongoing Incident Response Managed Service.

What Our Clients Say

Having a partner that is actively monitoring our systems, trends, local and global threats not only saves the Virtua IT Security team time, but provides us with the ability to proactively look at potential threats to plan accordingly. The partnership with CynergisTek has allowed us to focus on compliance, developing risk programs, policy and procedures leading to a culture focused on making us more secure.

Tom Gordon, CIO, Virtua

Security has become a necessary and critical strategic pillar for our organization, and it is too broad and complex for a provider organization to keep up with on their own. Having a partner like CynergisTek with depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise is a crucial asset for our organization. I can’t imagine navigating these issues without them.

John Mangona, Vice President, Chief Information & Compliance Officer, Saratoga Hospital

CynergisTek’s impact on our overall sense of security is significant because we can always get answers very quickly. Their resources work directly with our information security operations staff while the executive team meets with our senior leadership to talk about strategy. We love how CynergisTek’s leadership always seems to know exactly what we need.

KLAS CIO, KLAS Security Advisory Report, Oct. 2016

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