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Enterprise Architecture Assessment

The Enterprise Architecture Assessment is the foundation upon which the technical evaluation of an enterprise security program is based. The goal is to evaluate, from a technical perspective, the maturity of various components of an enterprise’s information security program. The process starts with requests for network diagrams and device configurations (routers, switches, firewalls, etc.) to evaluate against common security holes, misconfigurations and vulnerabilities associated with network design and configuration management practices. The balance of the process mirrors the Cybersecurity Program Assessment but from a technical perspective rather than a process/procedure perspective.

We interview stakeholders to evaluate security controls around the following areas as they relate to the overall risk management process:

  • Perimeter Security
  • Network Segmentation, Design, and Security
  • Host Security
  • Application, Patch, and Configuration Management
  • Tactical Implementation of Administrative Security

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Enterprise Architecture Assessment Deliverables

The data collected, our findings and recommendations and other output from the architecture assessment feeds vital information directly into the enterprise risk analysis process. The summary of findings and recommendations are presented in addition to the detailed raw reporting from the vulnerability testing. The vulnerability testing reports provide comprehensive recommendations for addressing all issues discovered while the summary report of findings identifies gaps in program components that, when viewed as remediation projects, address whole groups of vulnerabilities at a time by virtue of process improvements rather than one-off remediation activities.

What Our Clients Say

Having a partner that is actively monitoring our systems, trends, local and global threats not only saves the Virtua IT Security team time, but provides us with the ability to proactively look at potential threats to plan accordingly. The partnership with CynergisTek has allowed us to focus on compliance, developing risk programs, policy and procedures leading to a culture focused on making us more secure.

Tom Gordon, CIO, Virtua

Security has become a necessary and critical strategic pillar for our organization, and it is too broad and complex for a provider organization to keep up with on their own. Having a partner like CynergisTek with depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise is a crucial asset for our organization. I can’t imagine navigating these issues without them.

John Mangona, Vice President, Chief Information & Compliance Officer, Saratoga Hospital

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