OCR Mock Audit

Be Prepared for an OCR Audit

During the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) pilot audit program, the top reason for non-compliance was that the organization was “unaware of the requirement.” Educate and train your staff on what to expect during an audit by experiencing the process with our OCR Mock Audit. CynergisTek will hold your staff to OCR standards while assessing your organization’s ability to demonstrate HIPAA compliance and will support your organization’s readiness and ability to respond. The OCR Mock Audit addresses HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules.

This service was developed as a result of working with several customers who were randomly audited under OCR’s pilot random audit program. We supported our clients with on-site consultants and were able to experience the application of the audit protocol and learn how the process works first-hand. This gave us great insight into how the regulations are being interpreted and allows us to better help you prepare for these audits.

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Mock Audit Timeline

Mock Audit Features

  • Review of Requested Documents for Deficiencies
  • Actual OCR Audit Timelines
  • Audit Notification Letter
  • On-site Interview with Staff
  • Educational Workshop of Findings & Lessons Learned
  • Request of Required Documentation
  • On-site Audit Team Interaction
  • Draft Audit Report
  • Final Audit Report
  • Executive Presentation of Performance

The CynergisTek Promise

This exercise will allow your organization to assess its ability to perform during an OCR audit or investigation. With the OCR Mock Audit, CynergisTek will help you discover any compliance gaps, provide preparatory training and resources, advise how to remediate policy and procedure disparities, and ultimately improve your compliance with HIPAA regulations.

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