OCR Audit Compliance Workshop

Understand and Be Prepared for an OCR Audit

CynergisTek offers an OCR Audit Readiness Workshop that provides an overview of the audit background and process, areas of focus for OCR, and what you should be doing to prepare beyond our workshop. It will also provide you with actionable guidance and industry best practices on how to prepare and respond if OCR selects you for an audit or investigation.

Upon completion of the workshop, your organization will better understand:

  • The history and background of OCR and the audits
  • The audit selection process for covered entities and business associates
  • Documentation OCR can request from you and strategies to properly manage documentation
  • The desk audit process and what to expect
  • What an onsite audit entails and how to respond
  • Actions to take after the audit
  • How to conduct a mock audit

Our Experts are Waiting!

Contact us to learn more about our OCR audit compliance workshop and how we can help your organization.

Our acumen and familiarity with OCR’s approach to the development of policy guidance for the HIPAA rules puts your organization ahead of its peers with the most up-to-date and extensive knowledge available to help you and your organization be prepared in the event of receiving a notification from OCR. We also have practical, on-the-ground experience having supported several organizations during an OCR audit and/or compliance review, allowing us to empower you with the knowledge needed to be able to identify compliance gaps or discrepancies.

After the workshop, we will provide you with our exclusive Audit Toolkit. This valuable deliverable presents each of the 180 standards and implementation specifications of the HIPAA rules along with the measurement criteria auditors will use to evaluate for compliance. It also provides an actionable worksheet to help manage the key materials that every organization will need to respond to an audit or compliance review.

This service was developed as a result of working with several customers who were randomly audited under OCR’s pilot random audit program. We supported our clients with on-site consultants and were able to experience the application of the audit protocol and learn how the process works first-hand. This gave us great insight into how the regulations are being interpreted and allows us to better help you prepare for these audits.

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