Compliance Program Effectiveness Assessment


Evaluate Compliance Program Effectiveness
and Identify Gaps

CynergisTek’s Compliance Program Effectiveness Assessment is designed to evaluate the existing compliance program and provide meaningful feedback on the effectiveness of the various elements and any identified gaps. The assessment will also provide input on industry best practices that might be used to improve the program.

CynergisTek will perform an effectiveness assessment of the organization’s compliance program against the seven elements of an effective compliance program as outlined in the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and the Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) compliance program guidance documents. During this process, CynergisTek’s team of consultants will collect pertinent policies, procedures and documentation related to the organization’s compliance program, as well as interview key stakeholders and various workforce members. The team will also provide feedback and, as appropriate, recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the organization’s implementation and ongoing operation of the compliance program under the seven elements.

Post-Assessment Report of Findings and Interactive Workshop

After the assessment is completed, we provide a detailed report of findings, which includes an executive overview and summary, detailed findings and observations, and recommendations for an effective compliance and/or best practice. In addition, an interactive workshop will be conducted with the client’s internal team to facilitate a mutual understanding of the contents of the Reports of Findings, as well as facilitate discussion around the observations and recommendations for next steps.

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