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The Era of Compliance Audits & Investigations

Additionally, we have seen the results as Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) continues to audit organizations that attest to Meaningful Use. HIPAA and Meaningful Use audit findings have shown that most organizations do not retain the necessary supporting documentation of completion of core set objectives and measures. They also find that most adverse audits lack a current risk assessment even though it is also required by the HIPAA Security Rule.

To help organizations prepare for audits and investigations, CynergisTek offers a series of audit solutions that help organizations verify and validate that privacy and security programs meet compliance and business objectives. CynergisTek understands the regulatory and compliance environment and can help organizations enhance their risk management efforts through various types of audits. Our Compliance and Audit Services are delivered by our industry experts and provide an overall assessment of your organization’s audit readiness.

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Audit & Compliance Services Offered

CynergisTek’s Compliance Program Effectiveness Assessment is designed to evaluate the existing compliance program and provide meaningful feedback on the effectiveness of the various elements and any identified gaps. The assessment will also provide input on industry best practices that might be used to improve the program.

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The number one reason for non-compliance during the Office for Civil Right’s (OCR) pilot audit program was “unaware of the requirement.” Help your staff prepare by experiencing the audit process with our OCR Mock Audit. CynergisTek will hold your staff to OCR standards while assessing your organization’s ability to demonstrate HIPAA compliance and help you identify your organization’s readiness and ability to respond. The OCR Mock Audit addresses HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules.

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These workshops educate you on the OCR audit process and empower your staff to address risks, improve HIPAA compliance and be prepared for an audit.

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The Meaningful Use Mock Audit verifies your organization’s readiness or successfulness for meeting attestation requirements and mimics the CMS audit process through on-site interviews, documentation reviews and verification of security controls associated with the certified EHR. Audits can be performed for both pre-payment and post-payment attestations. This exercise will help prepare your team to respond in the event of an audit and will help identify any areas that need improvement to ensure incentive dollars are maximized.

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What Our Clients Say

CynergisTek’s OCR Mock Audit service helped us prepare for the OCR HIPAA audit process immensely. We worked at our own pace to identify and address any gaps that may have been problematic down the line and received actionable insights from CynergisTek for improving our overall security posture. Today, we feel more confident than ever in our ability to respond to an audit.

Daniel Bowden, CISO, University of Utah Health Care

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