Analytics Firm Selects Healthcare Security Leader’s Compliance Assist Partner Program for Business Associates to Address Heightened Regulatory and Threat Environment

Austin, Texas, June 27, 2016 — CynergisTek, an authority in health information security, privacy and compliance, today announced that Clearsense, a Florida-based data analytics firm, has selected the company’s Compliance Assist Partner Program for Business Associates (BA CAPP) to ensure compliance with extended HIPAA regulations and to strengthen its security infrastructure in the face of increasingly sophisticated threats. CynergisTek’s BA CAPP will provide Clearsense with ongoing independent review of its privacy and security programs and procedures to ensure thorough maintenance and compliance.

Clearsense selected CynergisTek as its security partner based on the company’s specialized healthcare expertise and proven diligence in equipping its clients to address today’s threat environment. Recently updated to reflect the latest adjustments to audit protocols, CynergisTek’s BA CAPP ensures Clearsense is not only HIPAA compliant, but also can meet demand from its healthcare customers for enhanced security measures that are proven to mitigate breach risk.

“We are committed to providing a very secure environment for our clients,” said Christopher Rogowski, President of Clearsense. “The CynergisTek CAPP program provides additional peace of mind and assurance to all of our clients in knowing that our security practices are under constant third party surveillance and proactive scrutiny.”

CynergisTek’s BA CAPP is delivered by industry experts and provides an independent, thorough evaluation of an organization’s security posture on an ongoing basis using standards-based risk assessments, multi-level advisory support, and daily programmatic management. In addition to ensuring compliance, BA CAPP users benefit from documentation that proves security posture, including a letter of reference from CynergisTek to be used as needed (e.g. during the sales cycle or to fulfill requests from current clients or investors).

“As providers get smarter about security, they inevitably will begin to scrutinize their vendors and contractors on the subject,” said Mac McMillan, CEO of CynergisTek. “BAs realize that they need to have the right answers to tough security questions in order to win provider business today, and we’ve seen a huge uptick in this segment of our business as a result. Clearsense is exemplary in the BA community for its proactive approach, and we are looking forward to a long partnership.”

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