Upcoming OCR HIPAA Audits for CEs and BAs

CynergisTek’s VP of Compliance David Holtzman recently recorded a two-part podcast with Sean Sutner of SearchHealthIT that covered multiple topics related to the upcoming OCR HIPAA audits.

Part One: “Expert warns OCR HIPAA audits ahead

In the first podcast, Holtzman predicts the commencement of random OCR audits and urges healthcare providers to ensure that their programs are HIPAA compliant in order to avoid fines or breaches. He also adds that organizations that have already attested for Meaningful Use will likely be in a better position that those who haven’t, due to the fact that many measures within the Meaningful Use program are based on the HIPAA security and privacy rules.

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Part Two: “Healthcare business associates to be audited

In the second podcast, Holtzman focuses on the impact of the upcoming OCR audits on business associates. He predicts that OCR will be more aggressive with enforcement of business associates than they have been in the past and warns these organizations to be on guard. Additionally, Holtzman covers the topic of data transparency, saying that this not only benefits patients but also predicting that it will be a topic covered by the OCR audits in 2015 and 2016.

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April 22nd, 2015|

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