Mac McMillan Speaking at Hawaii-Alaska Chapter of HIMSS

Hawaii-Alaska Chapter of HIMSS Brownbag

OCR Random Audits: A Look Inside

When: October 9, 2012 @ 11:30

Where: HMSA Building Multi-Purpose Room (MPR)

Presenter: Mac McMillan, HIMSS Privacy and Security Policy Task Force

This presentation will allow attendees the opportunity to discuss the OCR Random audit process, learn ways to assess their program and prepare for an audit.

  • During this session participants will:
  • Discuss what the audit process looks like and what to expect
  • Understand how to prepare your facility/department for the audit process
  • Understand how to review your program to understand weaknesses
  • Participants will review lessons learned from early audits
  • Heightened Enforcement and the Omnibus Rule
  • Where enforcement is at today and the signal HHS is sending

Mac McMillan serves as the National Chair for HIMSS Privacy and Security Policy Task Force. The newly-formed HIMSS Privacy and Security Policy Task Force was established to bring together a group of industry thought leaders to support HIMSS’s formal response to new legislation, regulation, as well as to develop HIMSS policy position papers and tools that relate to healthcare privacy and security. One of the goals of the Task Force is to collaborate with fellow professional organizations like HFMA, MGMA, AHIMA, HCCA, etc. to formulate a broader industry response, when appropriate, as well.

This is the fourth Brown-bag luncheon with this year’s theme of “Bringing Healthcare Information Technology to the Consumer”:

  • July – Hawaii Health Connector (insurance exchange), presented by Coral Andrews, the Connector’s executive director
  • August – Update on HIMSS Advocacy, presented by Lee Castonguay, with Colin Underwood from Alaska
  • September – Can Smart Cards help the consumer get more engaged in healthcare?, Presented by David King-Hurley of LifeNexus
  • October – OCR Random Audits: A Look Inside, presented by Mac McMillan, HIMSS Privacy and Security Policy Task Force
  • Using Technology to Keep Seniors at Home
  • Personal Health Records in the Cloud
  • HIE for Everyone
  • Privacy and Identity is a requirement
  • MU 2 and 3, impacts on the consumer
  • HIT Day for Public Policy
  • Analytics and You
  • Use of Games in Health Care
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