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October 30th | 12:00 pm CDT

CynergisTek is teaming up with Caradigm to bring industry experts and healthcare professionals together to discuss healthcare’s hottest topics.  Almost 20 years after HIPAA was enacted, the healthcare industry is facing unprecedented risk to patient privacy and security. More than 30 million patients have been affected since federal reporting requirements began, and the bad news keeps coming. Join this TweetChat led by CynergisTek’s David Holtzman to discuss some of the key topics at the heart of patient privacy and data security.

Moderator: David Holtzman, J.D., CIPP/G
Date: October 30, 2014
Time: 12:00 pm CDT

  • Topic 1: Healthcare data breaches & patient privacy concerns are increasing at an alarming rate. Why do you think this is occurring? #HCPrivacyChat
  • Topic 2: Is #BYOD here to stay? How should hospitals monitor access of patient health information on personal devices? #HCPrivacyChat
  • Topic 3: As a healthcare professional or patient, what are your biggest concerns when it comes to keeping information confidential? #HCPrivacyChat
  • Topic 4: How has the recent HIPAA Omnibus rule changes affected the way providers respond to protecting patient privacy? #HCPrivacyChat
  • Topic 5: What privacy & security controls should providers use to protect patient health information? Any best practices? #HCPrivacyChat

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To join the conversation on Twitter, just search for #HCPrivacyChat and tag all your tweets with #HCPrivacyChat when participating.

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