Florida Passes New Data Security Law That Is More Stringent Than HIPAA

Florida Information Protection Act of 2014

As of July 1st, healthcare providers, vendors and health plans doing business in Florida will have to follow the Florida Information Protection Act of 2014 (FIPA). The new law changes what information must be protected, increases who it applies to and requires different breach notification than HIPAA. The new regulation is more stringent than HIPAA and must be complied with in addition to HIPAA. CynergisTek CEO Mac McMillan recently told InformationWeek, “The law includes the most comprehensive set of breach notification requirements for both covered entities (CEs) and BAs”. Learn what FIPA means for your organization and what the new requirements are.

Examples of Changes Made by FIPA

  • Expands definition of personal information that must be protected
  • Broadens who is considered to be a Covered Entity
  • Changes the timeline to notify in the event of a breach
  • Calls for costly civil penalties for noncompliance
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July 22nd, 2014|

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