Custom Phishing Assessment Promotion

phishing-awarenessHow does your security awareness program around phishing rate?  One way to tell for sure is to do a custom phishing assessment to not only determine how susceptible your organization might be, but also to be proactive about “teaching moments” that are proven to be far more effective than simple training efforts or other traditional methods of security awareness training.

Our promotion on custom phishing assessments includes quarterly customized phishing attacks on a pre-defined set of email addresses and includes:

  • Distribution of phishing emails to your employees safely and easily.
  • Creating unique teachable moments when an employee falls for a simulated attack
  • Use of that moment to teach the employee how not to fall for future attacks
  • One of four different customizable training options to meet an organization’s unique needs
  • Gathering of actionable data to finely target future employee training

August 16th, 2013|

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