Avoid the Threat: Advanced Tactics of Cybercriminals

Free Webinar | November 14, 2013 12pm CDT

CynergisTek and Wombat Security are teaming up to bring a free, educational webinar, “Avoid the Threat: Know the Advanced Tactics of Cybercriminals”. This webinar will address the security threats that continue to evolve as cybercriminals develop more sophisticated and advanced tactics. Social engineering has evolved to be a lot more difficult to identify. For example, phishing and spear-phishing emails is a popular tactic, with over 500 million phishing emails sent every day. Most people don’t recognize a well-crafted online phishing scam when they see them. Join us in a free, one hour long webinar to hear about some of today’s most advanced tactics cybercriminals use and learn how to recognize it.

In this session, speakers will discuss

  • Current cyber security threats
  • Recent phishing tactics
  • Examples of attacks in the industry
  • Ways to identify scams and tips to mitigate risk

Don’t fall for a social engineering or phishing attack. Join us for this free webinar to learn more.

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