2016 Workshop Recap

2017 was a very busy year for healthcare IT professionals. Cyberattacks targeted at provider organizations proved that they have the capability to disrupt operations for prolonged periods of time. These attacks not only cost money to the institutions affected, but also disrupted their ability to treat and serve patients.

To help address these challenges, CynergisTek hosted educational workshops in various cities throughout the country. Led by industry experts, the workshops covered a variety of relevant topics including the strategies for audit preparedness, the rise of ransomware attacks and the growing threat landscape for healthcare organizations. During these workshops, real-world examples of recent incidents were analyzed and attendees learned key takeaways from each incident.

Atlanta, Georgia

Kansas City, Missouri
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
San Antonio, Texas

Detroit, Michigan

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Los Angeles, California
Columbia, South Carolina
Knoxville, Tenness
Portland, Maine
Denver, Colorado

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Jersey City, New Jersey
Hempstead, New York
Nashville, Tennessee
Birmingham, Alabama
Huntsville, Alabama
Portland, Oregon

St. Louis, Missouri
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Chicago, Illinois
Jacksonville, Florida

Cincinnati, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio

Indianapolis, Indiana
Dallas, Texas
Houston, Texas

2016 CynergisTek HIPAA Workshops Map

Over 670 healthcare professionals attended these events and had positive feedback on the speakers and content provided. In fact, 86% of attendees stated that they found the workshops to be either “extremely educational” or “very educational.” 99% of attendees stated that they would be “very likely” or “maybe likely” to attend or recommend a future event.

2016 CynergisTek HIPAA Workshop Survey Results

Here are a selection of the comments attendees provided when asked for feedback:

“Was not pushing a product as most are, it truly was informative and gave us tools to walk away with.”

“Very knowledgable presenter. David Holtzman did a good job of managing the balance between lecture and discussion. Appreciated the dialogue with audience that David promoted.”

“I liked the energy that Marti brought to the presentation and the transparency. She is a wealth of information.”

“Speaker was very good. Presentation was to the point, educational, and most important correct.”

“The speaker was obviously very knowledgeable about the topic. I loved that he worked in real life examples to help my understanding of the information.”

The second half of 2016 saw the introduction of two new speakers, Clyde Hewitt, VP of Security Strategy, and Marti Arvin, VP of Audit Strategy, in addition to Mac McMillan and David Holtzman.

Looking forward to 2017, we are excited to begin hosting workshops presenting information on specific topics, such as research, privacy and cybersecurity. View all of our upcoming workshops here.

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