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Kathryn is Marketing Program Manager for CynergisTek, Inc.

2017 Workshop Recap

2017 was an active year for healthcare IT professionals. 78% of healthcare providers experienced a ransomware or malware attack, and many of these attacks reinforced the fact that an attack can send an organization in disarray while causing thousands or even millions of dollars to go down the drain. These attacks also cause disruption to the primary healthcare mission…taking care of patients. While many are trying to make sure they are protected by these incidences 94% of the covered

January 19th, 2018|

Ransomware and Other Cybersecurity Threats: What You Should Know

WannaCry, Petya, NotPetya—recent news reports have been filled with coverage of massive ransomware attacks that swept across the globe, wreaking havoc on public utilities, companies, health systems and government offices. Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents or limits access to a system until a ransom is paid. In the face of these attacks and other emerging cybersecurity threats, what can healthcare organizations do to identify vulnerabilities and protect sensitive patient data?

July 12th, 2017|

HIMSS17 Preview: Hacker Demos

CynergisTek's Senior Penetration Tester John Nye provides a preview of his HIMSS17 hacker demos, "Wireless Worries", "Mobile Devices and Portable Hacks", and "The Problem with Wetware."

February 8th, 2017|

2016 Workshop Recap

2016 was a very busy year for healthcare IT professionals. Cyberattacks targeted at provider organizations proved that they have the capability to disrupt operations for prolonged periods of time. These attacks not only cost money to the institutions affected, but also disrupted their ability to treat and serve patients. OCR issued nearly $30M in fines during 2016 and kicked off the next round of HIPAA compliance audits for both covered entities and business associates. To help address these challenges, CynergisTek hosted 27 HIPAA Privacy and Security Workshops in various cities throughout the country.

December 19th, 2016|

Benefits of Hiring Veterans in the Healthcare Industry

Our company has many ties to the military and veterans. CynergisTek’s co-founder and CEO Mac McMillan, himself a 21 year veteran of the Marine Corps and former Director of Defense for two Defense Agencies, recently told HealthLeaders Media that veterans often bring many strengths from their time of service to the private sector workforce. “…We look for … people that can operate independently, that are responsible, that we can trust, that we can expect to do the right thing. What

November 11th, 2016|

CynergisTek was Nominated for 2016 Greater Austin Business Award

CynergisTek is proud to announce our nomination for the eBay, Inc. Technology & Innovation Award Award at the 2016 Greater Austin Business Awards. The awards, presented by the Austin Chamber of Commerce, recognize businesses and organizations for achievements, community contributions and milestones. It is the largest business event in Central Texas, bringing together 1,000 business leaders, entrepreneurs, organizations, government officials and regional chambers. Get your table or tickets today for the 2016 Business Awards: austinchamber.com/awards

August 15th, 2016|

Special Report on Data Security: With the Ransomware Crisis, the Landscape of Data Security Is Shifting

Cybersecurity was already a major concern in healthcare—and that was before a string of ransomware attacks this spring shifted the landscape in this critical area As if to validate the rising alarm of many healthcare IT leaders, a report published in April by the Armonk, N.Y.-based IBM, through its IBM Security Services division, has confirmed what many already knew: this is a time of unprecedented data security threat in the healthcare industry. Indeed, “Reviewing a year of serious data breaches,

June 24th, 2016|

OCR Updates: Audit Program Falls Behind Schedule & Ransomware Attacks

Audit Updates Deven McGraw, Deputy Director for Health Information Privacy for the Office for Civil Rights, provided updates this week on the status of the Phase 2 HIPAA Audit Program. In April, McGraw forecasted that the agency would begin contacting covered entities selected for an audit by the end of this month. Now, OCR says that challenges in identifying and selecting a diverse pool of organizations to audit have delayed the start of the actual audit program to “sometime this

May 23rd, 2016|