NIST Privacy Framework Assessment

Verify FIPP implementation, remediate gaps, and gain insight into how you handle personally identifiable information


Organizations generally do not fully realize the risks and consequences of not properly managing identifiable data. Failure to manage privacy risks can have direct adverse consequences to both the individual and organizations. Voluntary compliance with privacy frameworks like NIST can help reduce risk, but paper policies are not enough to achieve compliance when dealing with the vast quantities of data within an organization.

The NIST Privacy Framework Assessment is designed to evaluate of your organization’s privacy-related policies, procedures, management processes, and workforce privacy awareness and provide you with a detailed gap analysis and recommendations for improvement.

Key Benefits

Patient privacy

Optimize Privacy Controls

The NIST Privacy Framework Assessment is an administrative evaluation of your organization’s privacy-related policies, procedures, management processes, physical characteristics, and workforce privacy awareness.


Identify Gaps

Our assessment methodology is designed to identify gaps in policies, procedures, practices, or processes and provide recommendations so you can remediate the gaps.

Having a partner that is actively monitoring our systems, trends, local and global threats not only saves the Virtua IT Security team time, but provides us with the ability to proactively look at potential threats to plan accordingly. The partnership with CynergisTek has allowed us to focus on compliance, developing risk programs, policy and procedures leading to a culture focused on making us more secure.

Tom Gordon

CIO, Virtua

Security has become a necessary and critical strategic pillar for our organization, and it is too broad and complex for a provider organization to keep up with on their own. Having a partner like CynergisTek with depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise is a crucial asset for our organization. I can’t imagine navigating these issues without them.

John Mangona

Vice President, Chief Information & Compliance Officer, Saratoga Hospital

CynergisTek’s social engineering and phishing service was an excellent training tool for our organization. A third-party assessment of how our policies and procedures would stack up against a real threat was eye-opening and provided us with valuable information we can leverage to continue to enhance our security posture.

Joe Egan
Director of Information Security, Valley Children’s Hospital


The goal of the NIST Privacy Framework is to verify that your organization has implemented FIPPs and provide recommendations, guidance, and best practices to remediate gaps. Additionally, you’ll gain insight into how your organization is handling the personally identifiable information.

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