Medical Device Security Assessment

Address the unique security challenges of network-connected medical devices with a comprehensive view and a plan to fix any vulnerabilities.


CynergisTek’s Medical Device Security Risk Assessment represents the initial phase of any robust management program and serves as an enterprise approach to improving an organization’s ongoing security and risk management program for medical devices. Medical devices do not follow the same rules as other networked devices, and for this reason, our team of medical device cybersecurity experts utilizes a three-prong medical device security assessment approach that provides a comprehensive view of medical device connectivity, as well as the ability to prioritize medical device risks and create a plan and strategy to categorize medical devices and their associated risks.

Key Benefits


Reduce Risk

Regulatory compliance not only protects your business against liability but ensures that you’re engaging in best practices. Medical devices present a unique challenge compared to other networked devices that require extra attention.


Specific Expertise

Medical Device Security Assessments are performed by seasoned medical device cybersecurity experts, so assured of getting in-depth and vertical-specific insights.


Expert Methodology

CynergisTek combines human intelligence and power inventory and vulnerability discovery tools to perform a program and technical assessment so that in the end you are equipped with a risk management strategy including a remediation plan.


A Medical Device Security Assessment will give your organization the confidence of having a complete picture of your connected medical devices and any associated vulnerabilities and the means to prioritize and execute any needed remediation.

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