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Do You Meet Meaningful Use Attestation Requirements?

Now is the time to ensure your organization complies with Meaningful Use requirements. CMS (Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services) is focused on reducing fraud made in the attestation process. Stage 1 states that you must use certified EHR technology to protect PHI, as well as conduct or review a risk analysis and remediate deficiencies.

The risk analysis must be completed before attestation, and remediation must happen within the attestation period. Stage 2 builds on Stage 1 and requires a new review during each subsequent reporting period. CMS’s audit program is reviewing risk analysis documentation and already reports a strong correlation between adverse audits and not having a Risk Assessment.

Simplify Compliance and the Attestation Process

CynergisTek offers a Meaningful Use EHR Technical Security Controls Assessment that is designed to prove your organization’s compliance with meaningful use requirements. When completed with a Risk Assessment, CynergisTek will validate the privacy and security controls associated with your certified EHR to help you demonstrate meaningful use.

During the process we will interview and hold working sessions focused on your organization’s ability to demonstrate compliance. Upon completion your organization will better understand MU requirements and be able to accurately attest for incentive payments. If your organization is ever audited by CMS you will be able to easily demonstrate compliance and not have to worry about an investigation for fraud.

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