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Make the Most of Your Privacy Monitoring Program

Having an effective privacy monitoring plan is necessary to demonstrate compliance and to protect sensitive PHI. Unfortunately, it is often difficult for organizations to execute a successful program, due to time, resource, and budget constraints. Many organizations that deploy privacy monitoring technologies failed to achieve compliance during an OCR audit because they were not utilizing the capabilities of the system, could not produce an audit and monitoring plan, or were merely automating what they had been doing previously which was inadequate or reactive.

What is utterly amazing about this is that fraud is a multi-billion dollar problem in healthcare. It robs legitimate dollars from other positive initiatives, it tarnishes reputations when discovered, other than patient safety it probably does more damage than anything else to patient confidence, yet the industry treats it as if it is someone else’s problem. Fraud is happening everywhere, most just aren’t aware of it yet. If you are not looking (auditing) you don’t know what you don’t know.

– Mac McMillan, President of CynergisTek

To help alleviate the technical and administrative burdens that providers face, as well as the challenge of limited resources, CynergisTek can help implement and optimize your patient privacy program with our Privacy Optimization and Managed Services.

Three-Tiered Service Approach

Privacy Optimization and Managed Services consist of a three-tiered service level approach, that builds on one another to create a holistic and thorough solution, designed with flexibility to meet the needs of healthcare organizations of all sizes. Discover which level of service best suits your organization:

  • Privacy Optimization Module (POM)

    The first tier incorporates the key tasks of evaluating, redefining, and optimizing an organization’s privacy practices. It focuses on establishing the necessary processes to effectively and efficiently monitor the use of your patient privacy monitoring tool.

  • Managed Privacy Monitoring Service (MPMS) Select

    The second tier is a cost effective service providing ongoing monitoring and reporting.

  • Managed Privacy Monitoring Service (MPMS) Elite

    The third tier is a dedicated partner relationship providing a robust and intense ongoing management and support of your privacy monitoring function.

POM & MPMS Elements

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