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The healthcare industry’s first and foremost priority is providing excellent care to its patients while protecting their privacy and health data. Managing and optimizing a high-volume print environment while reducing vulnerabilities with thousands of devices requires people, processes and managed print best practices. Through our Managed Print Service (MPS) program designed exclusively for healthcare, health systems benefit from a program that is customized to meet the needs of the organization including reducing costs, improving overall efficiency and securing the print environment.

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A Managed Print Service Program with Security & Compliance in Mind, Customized to Address Healthcare’s Most Common Challenges

 Industry ChallengeCynergisTek’s MPS Program
Reduce CostsA strategic approach to identifying both upfront and ongoing cost saving opportunities within each hospital system is utilized while incorporating the latest print reduction software solutions that strengthens security and saves money.
Gain Visibility and Control into Risks Associated with Device Security and Data Residing on Print DevicesCynergisTek is the only security advisory firm in the U.S. who provides managed print solutions exclusively for healthcare. Our deep understanding of compliance and risk management coupled with years of experience addressing security needs allows us to provide a managed print program that identifies gaps in security and creates ongoing actionable items to be addressed as security needs change and evolve.
Maximize the Investment in TechnologyWith the cost of printing on the rise, our team focuses on identifying opportunities within our client’s organization and printing infrastructure where we can maximize investments already made in an effort to reduce additional capital spend and leverage the cost-efficient technology in use today.
Partner Who is Manufacturer AgnosticHealthcare organizations are distinctively unique when it comes to the number of different applications and hardware that is required to operate efficiently. Our managed print solutions are manufacturer agnostic, with CynergisTek having direct partnerships and relationships with all of the major hardware vendors (i.e., HP, Ricoh, Xerox, Canon, Lexmark, Zebra, etc.). Our relationships with these vendors allow us to provide our clients with the best pricing, service, and technology options to meet their valued needs.
Long Term Reduction of Print Output and Device ProliferationOur team takes a holistic approach to managing print costs by systematically identifying areas on a quarterly basis to help reduce vulnerabilities by removing or reallocating under-utilized print devices. We analyze document output data to help right size an organization’s printer fleet to maximize the value, security and cost savings opportunities.
Partner Who Delivers Excellent Customer Service and Understands a Clinical EnvironmentOur reputation within the healthcare industry for having excellent customer service 24/7/365 comes from a combination of experience, experts, automation tools, on-site support and advisory services. We understand healthcare faces many challenges, including paper-based clinical areas with no downtimes, merger and acquisition procedures, and the need to protect and transform sensitive information to digital workflows.

Managed Print Service Program Elements

Healthcare needs flexible options to meet their print environment service needs without sacrificing security. Our program focuses on reducing costs, improving operational efficiency and helping our clients in protecting printed and stored data. At the core, our program is designed for healthcare and may easily be customized to include additional strategic and high-value services.

Managed Print Services Solution

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