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Wireless Security Assessments are a walking analogy to the widespread process called “War Driving” and “War Chalking” in which the goal is to identify and document wireless access points that will grant access to a particular network as well as any of the specifics associated with that wireless network. During the course of conducting the Wireless Security Assessment, CynergisTek looks for and enumerates access points that grant access (either through encrypted or non-encrypted channels), what frequency/channel, signal strength, associated SSID, authentication requirements, and access control specifics associated with each. The data collected is then presented and reviewed with the client for verification and validation of those signals that are authorized versus those that are either unknown or unexpected/rogue.

With the widespread deployment of wireless LAN technology in healthcare combined with the encryption/security requirements associated with attestation for Meaningful Use (stage 2), the Wireless LAN security Validation is an invaluable survey tool to evaluate the efficacy of an organization’s configuration management, access control, encryption, and change management processes.

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