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February 2017

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HIPAA Business Associates Can Expect More Penalties Ahead

David Holtzman’s comments are included in this article, which predicts that HIPAA penalties will continue for business associates.

Healthcare Informatics

Balancing Patient Privacy with Patient Engagement

This interview previews David Holtzman and Mercy del Rey’s HIMSS17 presentation on patient privacy and engagement.

Healthcare Informatics

Live from HIMSS17: Cybersecurity Leaders Dive Into New and Emerging Threats

This recap of the first day of HIMSS17 includes several quotes from Mac McMillan concerning industry trends such as medical device security and emerging threats.

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Health Data Breaches and Hacker Attacks Spiked Dramatically in 2016

This blog post highlights key statistics from our 2016 breach report, including a 320% increase in hacker attacks.

Healthcare Info Security

How Will New HHS Secretary Lead Security, Privacy Efforts?

This article includes quotes by David Holtzman, who predicts how the new HHS secretary will affect the HITECH or HIPAA Rules.

Healthcare Informatics

Will the “Good Guys” Ever Catch Up to the “Bad Guys” When It Comes to Cybercrime in Healthcare?

Mac McMillan is mentioned in this article which discusses how organizations will always be trying to catch up with the “bad guys” posing a threat to their security.

InfoRisk Today

Former Tenet Executive Indicted in $400 Million Fraud Scheme

Mac McMillan comments on a $400 million fraud scheme involving a former Tenet executive and wonders where the auditors were in order for the scheme to proceed unnoticed for so long.

Healthcare Info Security

$3.2 Million HIPAA Fine: An Analysis

David Holtzman describes several key lessons healthcare organizations should take away from a large HIPAA fine issued by HHS.

January 2017


Hospitals Layer Security to Battle Cyberthreats

Mac McMillan is quoted in this article about the fact that healthcare organizations must take a multi-faceted approach to protecting their valuable data.

Healthcare Informatics

Epic Tops Best in KLAS for Seventh Straight Year

This article lists winners on the 2017 Best in KLAS awards and includes mention of CynergisTek earning the number one ranking in a new Best in KLAS category, cyber security advisory services.

Health Management Technology

10 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch in 2017

This blog post by Mac McMillan reflects on 2016 and describes cybersecurity trends to look for in 2017.

Government Info Security

The Impact on HHS of Trump’s Regulatory Reduction Order

David Holtzman comments on how a recent executive order that reduces the number of regulations government department or agencies can issue will impact HHS in the near future.

Healthcare Informatics

Cybersecurity Consultants Weigh In: Healthcare Organizations Shouldn’t Go It Alone

This interview with CynergisTek’s Mac McMillan and Auxilio’s Joe Flynn discusses the current cybersecurity landscape in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Info Security

W-2 Phishing Scams: Mitigating the Risks

In light of W-2 tax form breaches at healthcare organizations, this article describes how organizations can prevent these events from happening and includes commentary from Mac McMillan.


Preparing for the 2017 Healthcare Cybersecurity Threats

Mac McMillan’s blog post advises healthcare executives on how they should prepare for cybersecurity threats in 2017.

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Learn How to Detect Cyberattacks and Prevent Them

In this article, Mac McMillan offers tips on how to detect and prevent cyberattacks, including the types of technologies organizations should be using.

InfoRisk Today

Insider Threat: Paramedic Indicted for Narcotics Theft

According to David Holtzman, a recent narcotics theft case should be a wake-up call for organizations handling PHI to the insider threat.

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HIMSS 2017 Health IT Topics to Include Cybersecurity, Value-Based Care

Int this podcast, reporters Kristen Lee and Shaun Sutner describe their plans for HIMSS17, including plans to interview Mac McMillan.

Information Management

Security Vendors Combine As Auxilio Buys CynergisTek

This article details Auxilio’s acquisition of CynergisTek and how it allows the companies to continue growth in the healthcare IT industry.

Government Info Security

HHS OIG: Medicare Contractors Struggle with Security Gaps

After an HHS OIG review of Medicare contractors found gaps in their information security programs, Mac McMillan comments that these gaps leave networks vulnerable to hackers and that the findings are reflective of the problems he has seen across the healthcare industry.

HealthData Management

How New Security Threats Will Buffet Healthcare in 2017

Mac McMillan and other industry experts discuss what 2017 will bring for healthcare IT security.

Healthcare Informatics

Selling Cybersecurity in the Age of Ransomware

In light of the growing ransomware threat in healthcare, organizations are investing more in technologies and solutions to protect from these threats.


How Vulnerable Are Personal Medical Devices to Hackers?

John Nye’s comments regarding wearable devices are included in this article that examines medical device cybersecurity.

Healthcare IT News

A Guide to Patient Engagement at HIMSS17

David Holtzman’s HIMSS17 presentation on balancing patient privacy and patient engagement is previewed in this article.

Healthcare IT News

Top 10 Cybersecurity Must-Haves for 2017

Mac McMillan is one of four security experts who provide advice on the essential aspects of cybersecurity organizations should focus on in 2017.

Healthcare Informatics

Lessons Learned from 2016: It’s Time to Address Internal Security Threats to Health Data

Mac McMillan addresses the growing insider threat for healthcare organizations and discusses proactive ways to protect valuable data from insider data breaches.

Healthcare Informatics

Time for Enlightened Leadership on IT Security in 2017

Mac McMillan’s blog post calls for healthcare leadership to make security a priority in 2017.

Government Info Security

Doctor Won’t Be Fined in HIPAA Case Involving Campaign

David Holtzman comments on an incident involving the use of patient information in a political campaign and cautions healthcare organizations to examine their mail and email communications with patients.

Data Breach Today

Analysis: 2016 Health Data Breaches, and What’s Ahead

Mac McMillan weighs in on new analysis of the Anthem data breach and reiterates the value of two-factor authentication.

InfoRisk Today

$475,000 HIPAA Penalty for Tardy Breach Notification

After Presence Health receives a penalty for lack of timely breach notifications, David Holtzman describes steps covered entities and BAs should take to better respond to a data breach.

Healthcare IT News

10 Biggest Weaknesses and Lessons Learned from Cybersecurity in 2016

Industry experts, including Mac McMillan, were asked to described the top healthcare cybersecurity takeaways and lessons learned from 2016.

Healthcare Info Security

Database Hijackings: Who’s Next?

In light of MongoDB database hacks, Mac McMillan discusses how to mitigate this risk for healthcare organization.

Data Breach Today

Analysis: 2016 Health Data Breaches, and What’s Ahead

In this article, Mac McMillan looks back at the healthcare data breaches that occurred in 2016 and predicts what 2017 will bring.

Healthcare Info Security

A 2017 Forecast for HIPAA Enforcement

David Holtzman describes his predictions for OCR’s 2017 HIPAA enforcement in this blog post.