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HIPAA Business Associates Can Expect More Penalties Ahead

David Holtzman’s comments are included in this article, which predicts that HIPAA penalties will continue for business associates.

Healthcare Informatics

Balancing Patient Privacy with Patient Engagement

This interview previews David Holtzman and Mercy del Rey’s HIMSS17 presentation on patient privacy and engagement.

Healthcare Informatics

Live from HIMSS17: Cybersecurity Leaders Dive Into New and Emerging Threats

This recap of the first day of HIMSS17 includes several quotes from Mac McMillan concerning industry trends such as medical device security and emerging threats.

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Health Data Breaches and Hacker Attacks Spiked Dramatically in 2016

This blog post highlights key statistics from our 2016 breach report, including a 320% increase in hacker attacks.

Healthcare Info Security

How Will New HHS Secretary Lead Security, Privacy Efforts?

This article includes quotes by David Holtzman, who predicts how the new HHS secretary will affect the HITECH or HIPAA Rules.

Healthcare Informatics

Will the “Good Guys” Ever Catch Up to the “Bad Guys” When It Comes to Cybercrime in Healthcare?

Mac McMillan is mentioned in this article which discusses how organizations will always be trying to catch up with the “bad guys” posing a threat to their security.

InfoRisk Today

Former Tenet Executive Indicted in $400 Million Fraud Scheme

Mac McMillan comments on a $400 million fraud scheme involving a former Tenet executive and wonders where the auditors were in order for the scheme to proceed unnoticed for so long.

Healthcare Info Security

$3.2 Million HIPAA Fine: An Analysis

David Holtzman describes several key lessons healthcare organizations should take away from a large HIPAA fine issued by HHS.

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CynergisTek Announces New Compliance Program Effectiveness Assessment

CynergisTek announced its new Compliance Program Effectiveness Assessment (CPEA) service, which provides a comprehensive evaluation of healthcare organizations’ regulatory compliance programs. CynergisTek’s CPEA is conducted by a team of experienced consultants in accordance with rigorous procedures outlined by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and the Health & Human Resources Office of Inspector General (OIG), as well as industry best practices.

March 22nd, 2017|

HIMSS17 Preview: Hacker Demos

CynergisTek's Senior Penetration Tester John Nye provides a preview of his HIMSS17 hacker demos, "Wireless Worries", "Mobile Devices and Portable Hacks", and "The Problem with Wetware."

February 8th, 2017|
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